Valve Services

J-TECH rebuilds components for the Tank Truck Industry. We repair and rebuild valves, pumps and vents, tank wash spinners, ISO container components, and more. Why replace when you can rebuild? J-TECH is the most cost effective partner you'll have in the industries you serve.

We also provide other services and parts for ball valves, gauges, chicago fittings, cam and groove fittings, SS fittings, testers, tools, flanges, and seam traps.

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Providing the best in rebuilt parts and components for the Bulk Transport Industry since 1994.

Complete In House Remanufacturing of Valves, Pumps and Components

valve services

We can provide parts from the following manufacturers:

  • Apollo Ball Valves
  • Betts Industries
  • Dixon Valve Company
  • Girard Equipment
  • Pelican Products
  • Ranger Pumps
  • Sarco Steam Trap
  • Sellers Cleaning Systems
  • Wika Instruments

valveValve Services

  • Rebuild Betts Hydraulic Valve
  • Restem Betts Seat Flange
  • Resurface of Rebuild Betts Internal Valve Disc
  • Repair Betts 4X3 and 4X4 Internal/External Valve
  • Resurface Betts Internal/External Stainless Steel Disc
  • Cut Off Nut, Polish and repair threads on Betts
  • Internal/External Stem
  • Rebuild Betts QRB Valve
  • Recut Seat in Betts QRB Housing
  • Repair Betts QRB Housings (holes, bad threads, cracks)
  • Repair Betts QRB Bonnets
  • Repair Betts QRB Stem and Disc Holder
  • Resurface Betts QRB Teflon Seats
  • Rebuild Betts Quick Clean Valves
  • Repair Betts Quick Clean Valve Housing Seats
  • Rebuild Betts Quick Clean Actuators
  • Rebuild Betts Quick Clean Spiders