About Our Valve Division

J-Tech's Valve Division is where it all started in 1993. The Valve shop rebuilds all types of valves, vents, and tank wash spinners used in the Bulk Transportation Industry nationwide. Our Valve shop is the only rebuild facility in the country that specializes in servicing this industry. As the recognized leaders we have spoken nationally on this subject as well as provided training at customer’s location throughout the country.

Our complete valve catalog showing our capabilities and pricing is available here on our website.

J-Tech originated in Pennsylvania to fill a need for the re-building of components for the Bulk Transportation Industry. Our increased volume, due to specialized repairs, dedication to customer service and explosive growth necessitated that we move once in 1997 and again in 1999 to our present location in Chester Springs, PA.

Having established our reputation for excellent workmanship, J-Tech was approached by Betts Industries to explore their desire to enhance customer service capabilities by designating J-Tech as the only authorized repair facility for Betts Industries in the USA. Today J-Tech accommodates all of the rebuilding needs of the Bulk Transportation Industry, with the most modern and extensive facility of it's kind in the continental united states.

In 1996 J-Tech once again extended it's capabilites and their services to include the rebuilding of wash rack cleaning spinners. Since then J-Tech has become an authorized repair facility for Sellers Cleaning Systems, the premier manufacturer of wash rack cleaning machines in the world.

J-Tech will continue to expand by providing the same quality products and personal service that has won the respect and trust of our customers.