How the Scorpion® Truck Mounted Attenuator is Designed (And the Different Models)

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A truck mounted attenuator is designed to absorb much of the energy from a crash and even reduce repair costs of damaged parts after an accident. The Scorpion® truck mounted attenuators by TrafFix Devices set new standards in regards to economy, ease of use, and efficiency for all mobile attenuators. The durable construction and heavy duty tubular side rails are used to minimize incidental back-up or turning damage, and the unique curved design can redirect a side angle impact away from the exposed corner of the truck. Here at J-Tech, we sell, and rent crash attenuators, including different models from Scorpion®. There is a variety of different models to choose from, including the Model A TL-2, Model C-90 TL-3, and Model C TL-3.

  • Scorpion® Line of Impact Attenuators from TrafFix Devices are different by design: The Scorpion II® Truck Mounted Attenuator is the first MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) tested, passed, and eligible truck mounted attenuator in the world. With MASH, crash performance is judged on occupant risk, structural adequacy, and vehicle trajectory. In the result of an impact, the Scorpion II® TMA’s modular design crushes in progressive stages, which reduces the impact forces on vehicle occupants and also results in easy parts replacement and lower repair costs. 
  • Different models include Model A TL-2, Model C-90 TL-3, Model C TL-3: The TrafFix Devices’ Scorpion® TMA has been tested and passed all optional and mandatory requirements suggested in NCHRP-350 Report for TL-3. The Scorpion® NCHRP-350 TMA models include:
    • Model A TL-2 - This model can provide impact protection up to 45 mph. Using a modular design, it can be upgraded to Model C or Model C-90 by adding to the strut section.
    • Model C-90 TL-3 - This model folds just past the 90-degree position, allowing for easy transit in the upright position. It provides TL-3 impact protection.
    • Model C TL-3 - This model folds up and over the bed of stake bed, flat bed, and dump trucks. Compact design and balanced weight distribution make it ideal for high-speed travel.

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