Why W|ECO® Arrow Board Trailers and Message Board Trailers Are a Hot Commodity

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It’s impossible to work on the highway nowadays without using an arrow board trailer or message board trailer to direct traffic away from your work zone. Think about it: What would you use to get traffic to merge right or left if you didn’t have an arrow board? What about at night when it’s dark and more difficult to see? Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that because we have the solution here at J-Tech. They’re called W|ECO® Arrow Board Trailers and Message Board Trailers, and we’re going to explain why they’re a hot commodity in the industry:

  • They direct traffic away from work zones - Arrow boards are temporary devices that are used to control traffic by guiding it through work zones or congested areas, or give warning of lane closures. They are typically used for directional guidance, but they can also be used for their caution display modes. They are essential for those who are working on the highway.
  • They set the highest standards of quality and performance in the industry - But why are W|ECO® Board Trailers a hot commodity in particular? Well, they currently set the highest standards of quality and performance in the industry for various reasons. For starters, they feature W|ECO® technology, which is a power system that benefits the environment without sacrificing performance. They are also designed for improved manufacturing and better usability through the use of a power and control system, which is built into the display panel. This allows the board to be rotated a full 360 degrees.
  • There’s a variety of options - Whether you’re searching for a certain kind of arrow board or you want something that will just get the job done, you’ll find a variety of options with W|ECO®. From the Folding Frame Arrow Boards, in which a single support holds the display panel use and during transport, to the Vertical Mast Arrow Boards, in which the vertical panel rises on a mast that can be rotated freely to face traffic without moving the trailer.

If you’re looking to direct traffic away from your work zone with one of the best items on the market today, look no further than our selection of W|ECO® Arrow Boards and Message Boards. We also have other pieces of equipment including attenuators, radar speed signs, and more. To learn more about arrow boards, contact us at 610-816-0380.