How Our Equipment Promotes Efficiency (And Helps Decrease the Amount of Time You're Out Working on the Road)

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manbasket_WEB.jpgOne of the best ways to enhance safety for those who are working out on the highway is to promote efficiency using equipment, thereby reducing a person’s time on the road. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, the safe and efficient flow of traffic through highway work zones is a concern for transportation officials, the public, the industry, businesses, and commercial motor carriers. Here at J-Tech, that’s also our major concern. We build and deal equipment, including but not limited to truck-mounted attenuators, that will help your team promote efficiency and also decrease the amount of time you’re out working on the road. Here’s how:

  • Pattern Trucks’ DLS Systems - When you’re deploying and retrieving traffic patterns, we recommend using Pattern Trucks with Dynamic Lift Systems (DLS) to both promote efficiency and decrease workers’ times out on the road. When using DLS systems, it can save up to 40% of the time needed to deploy or retrieve vertical patterns. This system is designed to reduce operator fatigue because there is less manual lifting required. It also allows the operator that is in the hitch basket to raise and lower the panels based on speed and terrain.
  • Hitch Baskets - Also known as Hitch-Mount Man Baskets, these pieces of equipment are designed to reduce a worker’s amount of time on the road. At J-Tech, we sell, rent, and lease hitch baskets that have a lightweight aluminum design for ease of operation. With these baskets, you can keep your team of workers off the road while also increasing efficiency. Some of the features that define J-Tech’s hitch baskets include non-skid flooring, high visibility safety bars, integrated step for working without tailgate, variable height for travel and operation, and more.

Whether you’re setting a pattern for 4 miles or ¼ of a mile, you can count on us at J-Tech to provide you with a solution. Pattern trucks with the DLS system or hitch baskets provide a stable platform while re-directing traffic on busy roads and highways. To learn more about our highway equipment, including speed signs, attenuator trucks, pattern trucks, and more, contact us at 610-816-0380.