Reasons Why a Pattern Truck with a DLS System Reduces Your Time on the Road and Enhances Safety

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Pattern Truck DLSDid you know that using a DLS system (hydraulic unit) on the back of a pattern truck to deploy vertical panels can help decrease highway workers’ times on the road by up to 50%? That might not be the type of fun fact that you want to tell people at cocktail parties, but here at J-Tech, we know that it is impressive. After all, what highway worker doesn’t want to spend less time on the road?

At J-Tech, we provide and service a variety of highway safety equipment, including but not limited to pattern trucks, truck-mounted attenuators and more. Here are the reasons why a pattern truck with a DLS system can reduce your time on the road and ultimately enhance safety:

  • Hydraulic man basket and channelizer lifting system eliminates need to step down onto the road - The primary benefit of using a pattern truck with a hydraulic man basket and channelizer lifting system is that it eliminates the need for workers to step down onto the road. At J-Tech, we have our own patented DLS hydraulic man basket that’s designed to provide you with flexibility while deploying and retrieving traffic patterns. These hydraulic operated baskets can adjust ride height to accommodate changes in the road terrain. This adjustable quality helps the operator to smoothly position the basket to optimum working height, maximizing operator efficiency and minimizing operator fatigue.
  • Centralized truck control panels also enhance safety - When you select a pattern truck from J-Tech, you’re not only enhancing efficiency and safety with the help of a hydraulic man basket but also a centralized truck control panel. The control panels reduce your time on the road so that you don’t have to get out of the truck and expose yourself, decreasing risks associated with working on the road. Control lights, traffic redirection signs and more using the centralized truck control panel.

One of the most important things to do while working on the highway is to find ways to reduce your time on the road. With the pattern truck and its features, you can do just that. Here at J-Tech, we also provide a variety of other highway equipment options including radar speed signs and much more.

To learn more about pattern trucks, and how they decrease your amount of time out on the road, we encourage you to contact us by calling 610-816-0380.