How J-Tech USA's Speed Signs Will Keep Your Workers Protected

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When it comes to keeping your workers protected, having the right highway safety equipment is important.  J-Tech USA provides the industry’s most dependable highway safety equipment on the market, and they pride themselves on offering it at affordable prices.  Speed signs, in particular, are important components of any road work related project, and at J-Tech USA, they make sure that your team has them when they're on the job. 

J-Tech USA offers speed signs that will increase the safety and protection of your workers.  The Wanco radar-speed trailer offered through J-Tech USA is the largest portable speed sign available on the market.  If your company needs to purchase an impact attenuator or a speed sign, then J-Tech USA has exactly what you need.  This speed sign does the job that it’s supposed to by displaying motorists’ speed in twenty-six-inch characters.  They flash when a vehicle exceeds the speed limit, which is an important feature when your employees are working on a road project.

For business owners who need to make sure that their workers are safe, J-Tech USA has the speed signs that they need to make this possible.  The Wanco speed trailers provided by J-Tech USA display vehicle speed on a portable platform.  There’s no permanent installation or wiring involved, making this an optimal choice for many project needs. The Wanco speed trailer uses an integrated radar system to detect vehicle speed, then displays it on its large, LED panel. 

If your crew needs to find a reliable source for speed signs, then J-Tech USA has exactly what you need.  Their speed signs provide state-of-the-art technology to keep drivers aware of their speeds, which in turn spells out a safer work environment for all of your employees.  If you need to find an honest company that will supply you with the precise safety equipment for your business, then count on J-Tech USA.  Their speed signs are used by business owners who put safety as a top priority.  Give them a call or stop in today to find out how they can make your workers safe, too.  J-Tech USA is a leader in highway safety equipment, and they pride themselves on exceptional customer service.

For more information regarding our speed signs and other safety equipment, call us today at 610-816-0380!