Why Highway Safety Equipment is Essential for Construction

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There are some jobs that come along with inherent dangers to employees, including loggers, policemen, and firefighters. Some of the most dangerous jobs in the United States are on the construction site - a fact that’s not so surprising when you consider all the heavy machinery and tools that construction workers use on a daily basis. This can be especially true if your worksite is along a highway or frequently moves, as this adds the danger of both accidents within the construction vehicle movement as well as from other cars driving haphazardly.

Every year, thousands of construction workers are either injured or die on the job. Unfortunately, data projections predict that this is a growing trend, as more and more drivers are engaging with distractions like food and cell phones while on the road. In 2015, there were an estimated 96,000 crashes in work zones, an increase of 42% since 2013. This means that on average, a work zone crash occurs once every six minutes, and every week at least twelve of those crashes will result in a fatality. Alcohol is also a contributing factor to about 25% of those crashes, while speeding is attributed as the main cause of about 28% of work zone crashes.

Protecting your employees is essential to the maintenance of a safe and secure work zone. Using a crash attenuator doesn’t only help to protect your equipment from being damaged; it also lowers the chance of a fall, a contributing factor to a large amount of construction deaths. Keeping your workers safe when you’re working on a highway is all about alerting drivers that there is a work site up ahead, and warning them to slow down. An arrow boards rental gives you a budget-effective way to inform drivers that there is a construction site ahead or passing through, giving them the chance to adjust their speed and maintain control of the vehicle. By taking steps to reduce the risk of injury on your sites, employees will feel more confident in their work - leading to benefits for both of you!

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