3 Benefits of Using Truck-Mounted Attenuators

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With highways becoming more populated and more crowded with people as time goes on, it’s becoming more and more difficult for work crews to work in peace and security, especially with all of those cars passing by. It’s now more important than ever to maintain highway safety and keep not only the work crews safe but also nearby travelers.

At J-Tech USA, we’re all about highway safety. In fact, it’s what we do. We’re here to make sure you and everyone around you stays safe, whether that’s through our crash cushion rentals or attenuator trucks. But this blog is about truck-mounted attenuators, which are devices that attach to the backs of work trucks to protect those involved in crashes between motorists and slow-moving or stopped work vehicles. Here are three benefits of using truck-mounted attenuators:

  1. They reduce the impact of collisions and crashes - As we said above, the reason for attaching a truck-mounted attenuator is to protect those involved in crashes, but you might be wondering just how they help provide protection. Truck-mounted attenuators offer protection by absorbing the energy of the crash when there’s an accident. This reduces the impact on both the rear vehicle and the truck, protecting the vehicles and the people inside.

  2. They have warning indicators - Truck-mounted attenuators are designed to warn drivers of the potential hazard from a distance. They do this through the use of warning indicators, which are reflective signs that are attached to the rear surface of the truck-mounted attenuator. These reflective signs can be seen by people whether they’re a good distance away, driving in poor weather or traveling at night. 

  3. They redirect wayward vehicles - Truck-mounted attenuators are designed in a way that redirects wayward vehicles to reduce the impact. They use curved bars to try and redirect errant vehicles by nudging them away from the truck and avoiding impact or avoiding a collision with the rear of the truck.

Using a truck-mounted attenuator, you can significantly reduce accidents and the damage from accidents. To learn more about the benefits of using truck-mounted attenuators, contact us our team at J-Tech USA at 610-816-0380.