4 Traffic Signs and What They Mean

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As most of you already know, anything can happen on the road, especially the highway. You can safely make it to your destination, get stuck in a traffic jam, get abducted by aliens and returned later in a ditch by the road, get into an accident with another vehicle or even run into a deer.

Here at J-Tech USA, we understand how important highway safety is - because we work with the equipment every single day. We’ve been servicing the transportation industry for years now by building and supplying highway safety crash attenuator trucks for people like you. Now, you probably already know all about traffic signs, but why not refresh your memory? We promise it’ll increase your highway safety knowledge, even by just a little bit. Here are four traffic signs and what they mean: 


  1. Stop signs - We know this is a bit obvious, but stop signs are the ultimate (and most iconic) of all the traffic signs out there. Their octagon shape and all red color can be recognized by nearly anyone, from 3-year-olds to 103-year-olds.

  2. Pedestrian crossing signs - These signs are for the safety of crossing pedestrians, hence the name pedestrian crossing signs. Typically posted near school zones, intersections and crosswalks, these signs are intended to tell motorists to watch out for people crossing the street.

  3. Speed limit signs - Another obvious sign, but these are good to know. For example, what if someone didn’t know what the speed limit sign meant? They could be going any speed, whether it’s too fast or too slow. Well, hopefully, they wouldn’t be driving at all if they didn’t know, but you get the point.

  4. Men at work signs - Not to be mistaken with the Australian rock band formed in 1978, men at work signs are temporary signs that are used to alert drivers of upcoming road work.

We’re all about highway safety here at J-Tech USA, and we’ll service all of your needs, whether that involves buying or selling attenuator trucks or leasing crash cushions. To learn more about highway safety equipment, contact us at 610-816-0380 or go to Array.