Pattern Trucks Rental


  • Late Model 20' Stake body 
  • Non-CDL or CDL chassis with automatic transmission
  • Equipped with work lights for night operation visibility
  • Equipped with amber warning light package
  • Hydraulic man basket that raises and lowers

We have multiple pattern trucks for short-term or long-term rent. Call today for pricing! 

pattern trucks rental

J-Tech specializes in pattern setting trucks for traffic control device deployment. Whether you are using a cone, barrel, or vertical panel our trucks are equipped with the right tools to do the job. We offer pattern rental trucks on day, week, or month rental periods. We can also install our body and manbasket onto your chassis. Bring us your needs and we can find a solution that will work for you and your company.

Safety is of the utmost priority at J-Tech and this mindset shows itself in our design and craftsmanship; to the powder coated “safety” orange steps and bars, and the  non-skid on the decking.  

Road work can be very challenging at times and we understand the importance of warning lights on our trucks. Four rear-facing LED warning lights and three amber LED beacons come standard on our trucks to help warn motorists of the workers that are ahead. We can also offer additional warning lights if needed. Our trucks also come standard with four LED work lights for night operation with the availability of additional lights if needed.  

If you are looking for well-designed and smartly engineered traffic cone lifters, look no further than J-Tech. We have been in the industry for years with the aim to provide highway safety devices at a fraction of the cost. We have our own truck shop where we build trucks, keeping a full control on the entire manufacturing and production process.

J-Tech has its own patented DLS Hydraulic Man Basket which will give you the flexibility to your crews while deploying and retrieving traffic patterns. Our hydraulic operated man baskets have the capability to adjust ride height to accommodate changes in the road terrain.

This adjustable quality of the basket allows the operator to smoothly position the basket to the optimum working height. This feature also helps in maximizing operator efficiency and minimizing operator fatigue. It also comes with an integrated trailer in which enables your crew to also transport an arrowboard trailer. 

When the truck is entering or exiting rough terrain, the hydraulic raise/lower function allows the basket to be raised reducing premature damage. The J-Tech DLS Hydraulic Man Basket can be equipped with a wide selection of emergency, balloon, and work lights. When purchasing your next pattern truck, choose the J-Tech DLS Hydraulic Man Basket. You can take a look at all of our pattern truck features as well.

We have a huge assortment of traffic safety products to fill your needs and preferences diligently. Our service and support quality is a part of J-Tech that you will expect and enjoy. We are dedicated towards bringing you the most durable and best quality products at competitive prices. Call us now at 610-816-0380 and tell us your requirements. We will be happy to serve you!