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Wanco Vertical Arrow Board Trailers have a display panel that remains vertical at all times and can be rotated to face traffic. They also feature W|ECO® technology, a power system that benefits the environment without sacrificing performance. W|ECO Arrowboards set the highest standards of quality and performance in the industry.

Wanco Arrow Board.png
Wanco Arrow Board 2.png
Wanco Arrow Board 3.png

Designed for better usability and improved manufacturing, the new W|ECO® Arrow Boards feature a power and control system built into the display panel. This allows the arrow board to be rotated a full 360 degrees. The board is fully adjustable without moving the trailer. A hand-operated winch allows one person to raise and lower the display panel. The arrow board can operate at any height. Because a single mast supports the display, people and objects behind the arrow board are much more visible than with traditional arrow boards, which obscure the view behind them. This improvement ensures greater safety for crews in the work zone. In the travel position, the new arrow board has a lower center of gravity than other arrow boards, greatly improving stability during transport. A locking pin and transport cradle locks the display panel firmly in place. The arrow board remains upright at all times. 

  • Easier deployment with telescoping mast
  • Display panel rotates freely, 360 degrees
  • Provides a clear view of road workers
  • Better towing with lower center of gravity

Arrow boards direct traffic by flashing a brightly lit arrow pattern on a large, highly visible display panel. Wanco® arrow board trailers are portable and self-powered, requiring no permanent installation or wiring. Arrows and other patterns are selected by the user. Wanco Vertical Arrow Board Trailers feature a display panel that remains vertical at all times. The display is raised and lowered on a vertical tower that allows the display to be rotated for orienting toward traffic without moving the trailer. When the tower is lowered for transport or storage, the display panel rests in a cradle that keeps it secure. Wanco trailer-mounted arrow boards feature W|ECO® technology, a highly efficient power system. With Wanco’s exclusive LED lamps and small, eco-friendly batteries, W|ECO arrow boards are extremely energy-efficient without sacrificing performance. Power is provided by batteries, which are charged by an automated solar charging system. With sufficient sunlight, W|ECO arrow boards can run indefinitely without intervention.